MSN Messenger XP


Videochat, SMS, emoticons,... all inside MSN Messenger




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MSN Messenger has become one of the most famous programs for real time conversations. Each new version of the program is very well received by its users.

Nowadays with MSN Messenger you can chat, videochat, have voice conversations, send SMS,... Having conversations with people from anywhere in the world is each time more and more efficient and funny.

This version has improved the customization of our profile and the interface of the program. Now we can have dinamic avatars and more smileys, and the configuration is much more extense.

MSN Messenger has all the things which have made it the most used real time converstion program, such as, emoticons, handwriting, avatars,.. and it includes new features accesibles from the main window which are focussed on the video and audio converstion, now the quality of a video conference has improved a lot, and you can send a voice message to the interlocutor.

One of the most wanted features is that you can choose your status and avatar before starting a new session.

Compatible only with Windows XP.

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